Scosche Full HD Dash Camera – Powered by Nexar

There’s a new HD Dash Camera on the market — and it’s the first crowdsourced vehicle-to-vehicle network camera that’s been powered by Nexar!

Add an extra layer of security to your dashcam and drive in safety and style with help from the Scosche Full HD Dash Camera.

This particular accessory acts as a classic, standard dash cam, and while the app runs in the background, you can actually grab and use your iPhone for different apps and purposes. The camera in the Scosche Full HD Dash Camera will begin recording automatically and will stop when you stop, making it simple to use and intuitive for a variety of different drivers.

If you’re someone who wants a little extra security on the road and needs an accessory that’s reliable and highly rated, then this camera is worth checking out.

The Scosche Full HD Dash Camera – Powered by Nexar, comes with detailed instructions and is easy to install, and when paired with a smartphone, allows you to automatically monitor and record the world and the road around you while recording your footage so you can watch back your on-road interactions effortlessly.

Together, Scosche and Nexar make it possible for every vehicle to become a connected vehicle, contributing information that helps our highways and cities become safer for everyone.

What do you think?

Are you a big fan of dash cam technology like this? Is there a particular dash cam that you’re in love with? If there a dash cam that’s coming out in the near future that you’re excited to try out? Let us know what you think in the comments down below, and if you’ll be picking up your own Scosche Full HD Dash Camera in the future!

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