Get your temperature checked with the best HomeKit temperature sensors

Adding a HomeKit temperature sensor in your home can help you to finally answer the age-old question, « is it hot in here? » These sensors report the temperature of any given room, through the Home app or via a Siri. There are quite a few sensors available, so we have rounded up the best of the best to help you choose the best for your home.

The bees knees

Ecobee Smart Sensor

Staff Favorite

Ecobee’s Smart Sensors are companions for the Ecobee thermostat that helps to regulate the temperature in rooms across your home. These sensors also include humidity and motion sensing, and each function works independently with HomeKit. This allows these small, wireless sensors, to work with every device in your HomeKit home, enabling automations such as turning on your lights when motion occurs.

$79 at Amazon

Indoors or out

Eve Degree

The Eve Degree is a portable powerhouse as it can tag along with you indoors and out thanks to its IPX3 water resistance rating. This beautiful sensor has a clean industrial design, and an easy to read LCD display which can show you the current temperature, humidity, and air pressure of your surroundings. The Eve Degree uses a direct Bluetooth connection to HomeKit and can be set up in seconds with just a scan of its HomeKit code.

$58 at Amazon

Motion +

Philips Hue Motion Sensor

The Philips Hue Motion Sensor is our go-to accessory for turning on and off our lights automatically as we come and go. It also just happens to have a temperature sensor. Once your motion sensor is set up with HomeKit, the temperature sensor functions just like any other, allowing it to work with scenes or automations, and can report the status via Siri on demand. Zigbee connectivity to the Philips Hue Hub makes this sensor rock solid when it comes to reliability. Plus, it is lighting fast to respond and update the status of your home.

$40 at Amazon

Cost effective

Aqara Smart Home Temperature Sensor

Aqara’s Smart Home Temperature Sensor is an affordable option that has some surprising perks. This tiny sensor reports the temperature to the Home app, plus humidity and atmospheric pressure, all in a package you can put just about anywhere. Even though the sensor itself has a low price, you will need to have the Aqara Smart Home Hub to add it to HomeKit, which may pay for itself if you need lots of sensors for around the house.

$19 at Amazon

Jack of all trades

iHome 5-in-1 Smart Monitor

The iHome 5-in-1 Smart Monitor combines, wait for it, five distinct sensors into one neat little device. Temperature, humidity, motion, and light sensors are all available to use with HomeKit, and a sound sensor works with iHome’s app and other products. A large LCD screen with a built-in backlight gives you information at a glance, and a Wi-Fi connection enables all the smart home goodness.

$30 at Amazon

Temperature too

Onvis SMS1 Smart Motion Sensor

Even though the Onvis SMS1’s name includes just the motion sensor, this little guy also features temperature and humidity sensors that work with HomeKit. The SMS1 runs on 2 AAA batteries and lasts up to 15,000 hours, making this a set it and forget it type of device. This sensor is also one of the only accessories around that use Bluetooth 5 for connectivity, which allows it to have faster response times and greater range.

$26 at Amazon

Sensible solutions

HomeKit temperature sensors leverage the power of Apple’s ecosystem to provide more than just telling you the temperature in a room. These sensors can work with in-tandem with other HomeKit accessories enabling some truly magical automations, like turning on a smart plug with a fan when the temperature gets a little too hot. If you already have an Ecobee Thermostat, then the Ecobee Smart Sensors are definitely the way to go. These compact sensors are completely wireless and also report humidity and motion to HomeKit, as well as Siri.

In the market for a sensor that has a built-in display and doesn’t require a hub or thermostat? Take a look at the Eve Degree. This beautiful temperature sensor works both indoors and out, and a customizable display shows you the information that matters the most to you.

If you already have some Philips Hue gear in your home, then the Hue Motion Sensor may be the one for you. This sensor works with the Hue Hub and offers the same rock-solid performance and reliability that the system is famous for.

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